Doom Emacs

Emacs is my preferred tool for development, statistical computing, and writing. The killer feature is without doubt which allows for powerful literate programming, handling of bibliographies, organizing notes collections, and much more.

I finally decided to make the move from my vanilla emacs configuration to Doom Emacs. This gives an optimized emacs experience with fast load times due to lazy-loading of packages, and more importantly, the maintainer is doing an amazing job on adapting to new features and changes to emacs and the various lisp packages. A task which I found increasingly time-consuming.

Most things works nicely out-of-the-box, including a unified IDE (much nicer than in my previous setup) across numerous languages using the Language Server Protocol (LSP) with static source code analysis, debugging facilities, code navigation and documentation.

My new configuration is available here: (based on Babel org-mode) tested on both MacOS Big Sur and Fedora 33 (Emacs 28.0.50). VIM users should uncomment the evil mode in init.el

(evil +everywhere)

and then run ~/.emacs.d/bin/doom sync.